Gisborne Secondary College

Today we went to Gisborne Secondary. When we first got there we went into the theatre. They do dance,acting,presentations and all that stuff. In there we did lots of games and learnt a little bit.

Then we went straight to art. On the way up there everyone was walking through. They were all calling us short. There we got a old CD,permanent marker and felt tips. We decorated them and then brought them to a teacher and she put them on a stick. It was annoying because she put mine upside down. We are getting them back soon.

Then the people took us back to the bus and we met up with our teacher again. It was a great day!

Dance Concert

I walk up the big metal steps. Ouch these steps are really hot. We’re standing waiting for the music to begin. I’m scared I’m going the stuff up. I look up there’s rows and rows and even more rows of kids parents elderly . I hear the music. Thud thud thud. I think my heart is beating louder then the music. Then the words come.
“I’m only one call away. I’ll be there to save the….. ”
We dance and dance and dance.But now for the tricks. There are 5 people laying on the floor including me. We start the worm. Ruby and I hop up our hand hit the floor then our feet. The round off was down then splits. Then we put our leg up. I did it, my tricks are done. I survived.





Save the bees

Bees are in big trouble tiny little mites are killing them. Help save them.

Having A Say

This term our inquiry topic has been all about having a say. We learnt all about the three levels of government they are the Local,State and the Federal. The State has power over Local and the Federal has power over all of them.

Term 3 Kitchen Garden


Press download file in you want to see my learning throughout term 3. This term I enjoyed cooking. But when you cook don’t volunteer to cut the onion. I also liked all the new flavours, I would have never of tried most of these foods at home. I have also learnt to try everything even if it looks bad, because most of the time it’s yum.